Macabre…ish Horror Review: Spiral: The Book of Saw



Spiral: The Book of Saw, 2021/ 1 hr 35 min


It begins with a cop chasing a purse snatcher into a man hole and he’s kidnapped and wakes up with his tongue in a vice. The video message warns him of the train that is coming his way, he can live but it will cost him his tongue. His lying tongue because he’s put countless innocent people in prison on the witness stand.

Another cop gone rogue, Zeke Banks (Chris Rock), is getting a partner, a rookie (Max Minghella) and he hates it. And their first assignment is the victim or what’s left of him. Back at the office Zeke gets a package, a flash drive and it’s a warning about police reform and the station’s dirty cops.

The game begins with a red spiral. During the investigation Zeke’s dad, Marcus Banks (Samuel L. Jackson) pops up and offers to go over the case after some aggressive and hilarious banter.

Another dirty cop, Det. Fitch (Richard Zeppieri), is captured and his game is to escape a pool that will electrocute him or have body parts ripped off to save himself. Body he doesn’t have much time.

Whoever the copy cat jigsaw is, they like to leave clues all over town in little blue boxes. Sometimes flash drives, some times body parts and badges, all left in places of importance. If the police department won’t clean house, this copy cat will.


This killer has an offer that they won’t be able to refuse.


This was good! Very fast paced and still gory. It’s not as graphic as we’re used to seeing in this franchise, it was replaced with a lot of flash back and story progression. I appreciated the comedic relief, this flick has a great cast!