Macabre...ish Horror Review: Split Second




Split Second, 1992/ 90 min


It’s 2008 and large parts of London is flooded, the effects of global warming, and police use fan boats to patrol those areas. One of those cops is Harley Stone, a hardened cynical veteran who is obsessed with finding a killer, one of the victim’s was his partner. And the killer is active again.



Killing people in public, often crowded places, leaving massive holes in their chests and no one sees a thing. Other than the victim, he leaves behind bloody astrological symbols on the ceiling.



He gets himself a new partner, Oxford educated psychologist, Dick Durkin. He’s also under orders to report any instability in Stone.


The victims are all missing an organ. And the assumption is they are being eaten after the remains of a heart arrive at headquarters with a huge bite out of it. It would seem, Stone is being baited and on top of that, he has another connection with who ever is doing it.



He’ll find out what is going on and why, facing him in the end.


This is a british sci fi horror. It is graphic, bloody and gory with some jump scares. There is some nudity and the practical effects are nice. Action packed with a very good cast, among them Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall.