Macabre…ish Horror Review: Spring

Spring, 2014/ 1 hr 49 min


After Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) loses his Mom to cancer, he gets into a fight and loses his job and gains an enemy. That all sucks so he takes off to Italy.

He hooks up with a couple of locals and just has a good time traveling the countryside. When he’s out of money he answer’s an ad for a room for work situation. And then he sees a woman, Louise (Nadia Hilker) he likes and after he spends the night with her, she changes and gets out of there before he sees her.

As their relationship progresses, whatever is happening is getting worse and she struggles to keep it under control. It manifests first as decomp, giant boils pop up randomly. Her skin is also beginning to combust in the sunlight and they can only see each other at night, after a while. She controls all of this with some kind of injection. But it is becoming more and more of a struggle.

And so she ends it. But heartbroken, he later returns and finds her in her true form. And when she returns to the form he recognizes, she explains and it only gets crazier from there.

This is a romance horror and a body horror, heavier than it is sappy. The story is good and to the point, the effects are great. There are adult scenes, nudity and violence. The wait for the reveal is worth it. Well done!