Macabre...ish Horror Review: Stake Land




Stake Land, 2010/ 98 min. The world is in the throes of a vampire pandemic and the surviving humans live on the run and in hiding. Some in settlements. Cities are now tombs left in ruins. Groups that formed out of survival have turned it cults, some based on religion, some cannibalism. And few, like Mister (Nick Damici), go it alone. Life is mostly bleak.




Until one night he happens upon a family being slaughtered, a feral and ferocious vampire, finishing off a crying infant. One family member survived though, Martin aka Boy (Connor Paolo). From then on, Mister and Boy, travel together, he teaches the kid to defend himself and kill vampires.




They travel North and away from large cities that are now dangerous wastelands, looking for a place called New Eden. They travel the road in a ‘69 Mercury Marquis convertible. And along the way, they gain and lose friends. And the losses are always tragic.




They travel and kill vampires along the way. To kill these vampires, you have to stake them in the chest or the base of the skull. And of course, sunlight. The oldest, strongest and most dangerous vampires are known as Berserkers.




Along the way they meet other survivors and a nun known a Sister (Kelly McGillis), being chased down by rapists. And discover other threats like a huge, pillaging, plundering cult known as The Brotherhood.




They overrun settlements and destroy everything. Killing and kidnapping and using the vampires for biological warfare. 


This is a bloody, gory and graphic movie. Warning: rape and suicide. Not graphic but obvious. It’s often a hard watch and the weariness of the story is portrayed well.




Very realistic movie. Also it’s narrated and that’s where most of the history is filled in. I liked this movie, very good! And finally, this is a Canadian movie and it has French and English options.



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