Macabre...ish Horror Review: Starry Eyes


Starry Eyes, 2014/ 1 hr 35 min


A young woman, Sara Walker (Alex Essoe), desperate to make it in Hollywood, but seriously struggling, when she perceives herself as failing, she physically punishes herself.

When she’s discovered doing it in a restroom after an audition, they request that she does it in front of them. Afterward, she fills humiliated but later, they call her back but the next audition is unexpectedly different and calls for more humiliation. But whatever it takes to get the part!

Then there’s a third call back, this time she’s meeting with the producer. She does and he’s a weird old letch. Frankly, the whole ‘company’ is odd and creepy. But when she tries to make something happen, she starts to fall apart. Both physically and emotionally and it is hard to watch.

She’s undergoing some kind of rapid deterioration, she believes she’s dying and looks it. But she is told that in order for her to have the life she wants, there is sacrifice. This is part of the sacrifice but just one part, the other is showing who and what she really is.

Just how much will she do to make it in Hollywood.

This film doesn’t seem like more than a drama until you get to the end and then it is gruesome. And they show every gory detail. This is a good story and it builds very well! I enjoyed it despite that stylized end that didn’t seem to fit.