Macabre...ish Horror Review: Starve


Starve, 2014/ 1 hr 38 min.


This movie begins with a man beating someone a woman to death for a sandwich at the behest of a voice over an intercom. Which he coughs up after seeing the condition of her body. But when men come to remove the body, he’s devastated.


Three people, brothers, Beck and Jiminy and Candace are on a 300 mile road trip to pitch a horror graphic novel that isn’t complete to, so far, no one, when someone drops a giant rock on to their windshield from a bridge in Freedom, Fl. Freedom is a ghost town that has a legend of feral cannibal children who live in sink holes, which they want to add to the lore of their story.


After Beck is talked out of chasing the culprit, they head to the nearest convenience store/diner. And get no help whatsoever. And they are car jacked when they stopped for a bathroom break.


Jiminy heads back to the diner while Beck tries to get a cell signal, when suddenly Candace finds the car and they are attacked and loaded into the trunk. She wakes up in a pet kennel and Beck is in a different room, completely wrapped in duck tape except his eyes. They are greeted by a voice from an intercom, who bets that he can convince Beck to kill her for a sandwich.


They appear to be locked inside a school and there are others. And they’re captured and kept in check by a badly scarred person with a fire extinguisher and cattle prod. The place is wired for sound and video.  And the captors are greeted with a word of the day by a man who calls himself the Principal.


The objective is to starve them until they kill, that will be the only time they eat. Two people are put in a room, they are provided weapons and a bell is rung. Whoever survives gets to eat. A meal is just in view to be had by the winner.


Good pacing, concept and pretty good cinematography. Physical effects are pretty good. It is suspenseful and violent. And though it’s a tough watch, it ends well. I enjoyed this movie!