Macabre...ish Horror Review: Stay Alive


Stay Alive is a fun little horror movie about gamers who get there hands on an under ground game and if your character dies in the game, the player dies in real life, much like their character dies. But there’s a few terrible hitch’s to this killer game.


First, there is a spell at the beginning of the game and the game won’t play until all players say the spell that then activates the game. And it’s a trap because saying the spell pretty much locks you in to die because that’s the point of the game. Either, never speak the spell and never play the game or speak it and die.


Secondly, the game cheats, even when you pause the game it’s still playing and it’ll keep playing until you die.



Thirdly, the game is about Elizabeth Bathory, noblewoman and prolific serial killer, and her spirit lives because the game exists and she still gets to kill, both in game and in real life. And those that die see her before she kills them. It’s rigged.



As the group of gamer friends die off one by one the ones left living try desperately to stay alive and search for the game maker to make it stop. And they do find him, but does it matter and will they make in time before the entire group dies?



I thought this was a good movie, there are a lot of recognizable faces in this movie and even though there are plenty of deaths it was a pretty easy watch. And many of the deaths are pretty imaginative.


It’s got a good pace, a good kill pace and it kept my attention the whole time. There is a little nudity and one sexual scene and I t’s bloody but not much more than that.


Released in 2006, the movie is 101 minutes long and there are French and Spanish subtitles. 



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