Macabre...ish Horror Review: Stay Out of the F**king Attic




Stay Out of The F**king Attic, 2020/ 80 min


Three ex-cons turned movers, Carlos (Bryce Fernelius), Imani (Morgan Alexandria) and Albert (Ryan Francis) are hired to pack up a house and load a moving truck by the morning. This is not just any house, it’s a 3 story Victorian, it’s ancient, filled with a life time of items.

Plus some really suspect stuff, weird noises and a padlocked basement door. They’re on edge the whole time but after Carlos finds a library full of Dr. Josef Mengele’s books and a pound of teeth. The three of them freak out and run for it, but not before the man of the house, Vern (Michael Flynn) locks it down.

They realize, too late, what’s going on. There are traps, people hidden all over the house and some of them are dangerous, others are victims. Whether or not they can escape depends on the past of one of the movers.

This was a good, fun watch! Small but good, diverse cast. Good story, pacing and physical effects. This is graphic, gory and sometimes brutal to watch. Well done!

P.S. The black character does not die first and keep watching past the credits.