Macabre...ish Horror Review: Steve Niles Remains




Steve Niles Remains, 2011/ 1 hr 28 min


On the day the world’s supply of nuclear weapons were supposed to be destroyed, it goes wrong and creates and apocalyptic event that kills most of the population and animates the corpses.


This story is set in Reno, Nevada, in a last chance casino for washed up and aging customers and talent. The few survivors often have fallout sickness, those in the casino were protected from the blast because they were fooling around in the stock room or prepping in a storage closet. Anyone left alive venture out to discover those exposed to the blast are now zombies.


But these zombies are different. They respond to sudden movement/noise if they are already distracted by someone else. They also sleep standing up, in large groups. And their bite doesn’t seem to create more zombies and they eat anything, a lady ate her cigarettes because she was out for a smoke when she changed. A man ate his dog that he was walking. A waitress ate an alley cat. The zombies are also evolving at an alarming rate, getting stronger and faster, moving in packs.


The casino employees have plenty of food but they want to get out of there but everything they try, fails. Then the National Guard comes in and makes everything worse.


I want to love this movie, there’s just something about it, but it’s just ok. The toxic situationship between the two leads is exhausting. The acting is ok. The CG gets dicey. But I really like that the zombies had more to them just making more zombies and that they consume everything, including themselves. I liked the dark humor. There were some really good elements and moments. I did think the movie got better as it went. Having said all that, I watch this regularly, it’s really grown on me. Watch it and see what you think.