Macabre...ish Horror Review: Stitches




Stitches, 2012/ 86 min. Richard Grindle (Ross Noble) is Stitches the Clown, he’s not a great clown and he doesn’t particularly like his job or kids and is a laughing stock among them.



When he arrives late to a party, he attempts to entertain the kids but instead ends up being ridiculed and bullied by them, they tie his laces together and throw a ball in his face which causes him to trip and fall onto a kitchen knife, landing face down into it. 



But he’s not dead, he stands up, yanking the knife out of his head and runs at the only kid left standing there, watching, intending to stab him but trips in his own blood. He lands in his back, the knife flying through the air, lands in his face again. Soon after there’s a funeral, afterward fellow clowns converge to do a ritual, bringing Stitches back to life to seek his vengeance. The child who witnessed his death, Tommy (Tommy Knight), is struggling with it still, years later. He is also preparing for his 16th birthday and his hallucinations are getting worse. In class, he imagines his teacher turning into a clown and ripping off a students testicles, then tying them to a balloon. Finally looking at Tommy, warning him his time is up.


Tom wants a small gathering but it turns into a blow out, including many of the same friends who were at his 10th birthday party. Tommy retreats to his tree house with his long time crush Kate and while inside, Stitches arrives. He attacks Paul, pulling off his ear, one of his arms, then pulls a live rabbit out of his throat, just before kicking his head off. He then goes off to find other members of the party he died at and delivers more horrific and grisly deaths.




Including opening someone’s head with a can opener and scooping out his brain into a bowl with an ice cream scoop, adding blood to the top like a sundae.




Also, his nose is alive and works like a seeing eye nose??? Anyway, he can dispatch his nose to sniff out his next victim. It’s...strange! This is one of my favorite clown horrors!!


This is a dark comedy horror made in cooperation with Ireland, Sweden and the U.K.  It is disgustingly, gory and graphic. The kills are extreme and over the top. There’s also adult scenes, in the opening scene, even.



The cinematography and effects are good. The movie is pretty well done. It’s definitely for the gore fan! Also if you’re afraid of clowns, skip this one. 


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