Macabre…ish Horror Review: Storage 24



Storage 24, 1 hr 27 min


A catastrophe happens above a storage company, a military cargo plane crash rains debris and crushes vehicles flat and drops cargo, one of which is a large steel box marked FSS Air Force and the door is open. Whatever was inside is gone.

Meanwhile, a group of people need to get into their units at that company and it is a massive maze of same. Each aisle and level identical to the last. Plus it’s late and the lights just went out and the employee goes to check maintenance and finds him sitting on the stairs, cigarette in his mouth, flicking his light and missing a big chunk of his abdomen and the wound is pulsating.

And in the shadows, a monster and now it’s in hot pursuit of that employee and everyone else in the building. It’s big, fast and doors do nothing to stop it. It’s stealthy, silent and travels in the rafters mostly. If I had to describe it, it’s like a bipedal spidersaur.

Out on the streets of London are tanks, snipers and fighter jets are on the way, the city is in lock down. And the storage company is locked down which means the people inside cannot escape and are locked in with that creature.

I expected nothing but boy was I surprised, this English horror is good! Good cast (Noel Clarke, Ned Dennehy, Laura Haddock, Antonia Campbell-Hughes) physical and monster effects! This is not a gore fest but when there is a kill it is graphic and some what gory. Once it gets going, the pace is pretty quick. The characters are fighters and try hard to survive, it’s so good!

P. S. The black guy does not die first.