Macabre...ish Horror Review: Suicide Club


Suicide Club, 2002/ 94 min. Inexplicable suicides sweeps across Tokyo after over 50 high school students throw themselves in front of an oncoming train, while holding hands. Law enforcement is baffled by the sudden increase in suicides.  The police wonder if it’s a suicide cult or too much tv. Then they are tipped off and informed of a website that seems to be tracking suicides before they happen.


So is this some kind of gruesome game? Is someone convincing the kids to do this? A fad? The website just shows rows of dots, some red, some white. Red representing women and white, men. The dots always coincide with the number of suicides.


At each scene is a gym bag that contains a roll of human skin, cut into rectangles and sewn end to end. The guesstimate is each rectangle comes from a different body so that’s 200 victims, roughly. Law enforcement is lost and will need the kids cooperation and help to solve this mystery because it’s only getting worse.


Certain parts of this movie has a distinct Rocky Horror Picture Show quality and Slumber Party Massacre vibe to it. On top of being very gory, very bloody, graphic, violent, mangled body parts, very gruesome. Different kinds of suicides. The effects are good! Very over the top deaths and dark comedy.


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