Macabre...ish Horror Review: Survival of the Dead



Survival of the Dead, 2009/ 90 min.



This film documents deserted National Guardsmen and two feuding Irish families, on Plum Island off the coast of Delaware.


The O’Flynn’s round up a posse to kill the undead, while the Muldoon’s keep their undead sequestered until a cure is found and until then, he tries to get the zombies to eat something other than people.



Their feud hits a tipping point when the O’Flynn’s party arrive to dispatch the dead on the Muldoon’s territory. The Guardsmen join the fray after the O’Flynn’s try to rob them and fail at both robbery and living.



In the end, the feud outlives both families.


This movie crosses over with Diary of the Dead and the events that happen, happen after that movie. This movie is heavy and from the beginning you can tell it’s going to be sad and bleak.


 To watch Romero’s final zombie flick, it’s here on itunes. Enjoy!







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