Macabre…ish Horror Review: Sushi Girl

Sushi Girl, 2012/ 98 min



Fish (Noah Hathaway) gets out of prison after a 6 year stint. His girlfriend and daughter have moved on, without him. But you know who hasn’t? Duke (Tony Todd) and the crew who escaped their last heist but now they want to know where he stashed the loot, a fortune in diamonds.


Duke sends a car to pick Fish up and bring him to an abandoned restaurant where Duke and the crew have set up a celebration of sorts. A part of the decoration is a nude woman (Cortney Palm) lying on the table, her body covered with sushi. She was hired to lie there and not move, no matter what she hears. After the crew arrives and takes turns loudly hoping she will be dessert, Fish arrives.


He is soon taped to a chair and a timer is set. Since he continues to claim he has no idea where the diamonds are, the crew will be taking turns helping him remember. Max (Andy Mackenzie) goes first, beating the man mercilessly but when time’s up, it elicits nothing but ridicule from Fish.


Next is Crow (Mark Hamill), who is taking a lot of pleasure choosing his tools, he settles on a hammer and chisel, he decides he wants to pierce Fish’s knee. He mercilessly drives the piece of metal into the man’s joint. But once again, Fish, ridicules his tormentor until he is slapped across the face with the hammer that’s still in Crow’s hand.


Afterward, Max gets another go after a horrified and disgusted Francis (James Duvall) refuses to torture his old friend and partner in crime. Max crushes a liquor bottle in a sock and works Fish over until his face is a mass of gore. Now, Fish is starting to have flashbacks from that day, years ago.


From their arrival at a warehouse and their masked burglary where at least 4 men died and one had his hand cut off after handcuffing a case full of diamonds to his wrist. Then a bad car accident during their escape.


Once again it is Crow’s turn and he adds some amateur dentistry to his torture session. Meanwhile, Fish has a memory of a good samaritan that tried to help and Duke killed. Just as Fish remembers what happened to the diamonds, Max loses all patience and leaps on Fish, beating him unconscious.


That becomes the linch pin for this powder keg. Francis is sickened and goes to the bathroom but he also has a not so secret, secret. Half of which is outside in a van, dead. He returns to hopefully diffuse the situation by opening their eyes but he doesn’t survive it.


Max and Crow begin shooting each other after Crow calls him several different kinds of idiot and pokes an old and still raw wound. After emptying clips into each other, Duke ends Max’s days and Crow hopes his old friend intends to help him to a hospital and is wrong.


Duke, now alone with a pile of bodies and the now silently crying sushi display. He alludes to having sushi and her as a parting gift. But she has something for him and a secret of her own, several actually. And it began at that car wreck, six years ago. She has the answers to his questions but by the time she answers them, he won’t be able to do anything about it.



This crime thriller was directed by Kern Saxton. Also in this movie is Sonny Chiba, Danny Trejo, Michael Biehn and Jeff Fahey. This is a very violent and graphic movie. There is torture, gore and blood. It is crass, sometimes offensive and not pc. Really good build up and story, nice ending! Well done.