Macabre...ish Horror Review: Sweet Home



Sweet Home, 2020/ Series


Snow covers a tangle of wreckage, vehicles and bodies, dead and alive, human and creature. The military is sweeping the area and anything living and not quite human is obliterated.

August, 2020 and the world has changed...a suicidal man, Cha Hyun-soo, is distracted from leaping from his balcony by his neighbor. She warns him not to die there, he’ll just cause trouble for the rest of the tenants. She tells him to jump off of another building.

And suddenly people in the building are suffering nose bleeds. But that’s not the only oddity, some of these people are really weird. To name a few, a lady with an invisible baby, a security guard with serious boundary issues and a man who tortures people to help them.

Later, Hyun-soo, he goes out and find his ramen delivery destroyed. He follows the destruction and found someone eating a cat , saying ‘I’m hungry’ over and over. This terrifying person looks like a human but turns into a monster, while trying to lure people out of their apartments. She then vanishes.

The tenants quickly discover the building is locked down, the phone lines are busy and then the internet goes out. They find out how to open the security shutters and immediately regret it, on the otherside is a man monster who sucks a man dry with his giant proboscis like tongue.

But there’s not just one, they are everywhere. Outside is a hellscape covered in monsters and destruction.

They receive a cellular alert to beware nose bleeds, blackouts and aggression.

This Korean series has some crazy, gory FX, running the gamut from The Thing and Splinter to Constantine bordering on Tim Burton-esque. It’s violent, bloody and gory. You will recognize many iconic FX from other movies. This series goes from weird to bizarre, quickly and a lot. So far it is a wild ride!