Macabre…ish Horror Review: Sweetheart



Sweetheart, 2019/ 1 hr 22 min

A young woman, Jennifer (Kiersy Clemons), is stranded on an island after a shipwreck, she’s was washed ashore with a wounded boy, Brad (Benedict Samuel), who doesn’t make it.

As she searches the island, she finds remnants of a family that obviously never left and graves. Soon other things wash ashore, luggage and half of another passenger.

There’s also some kind of creature (Andrew Crawford) that comes ashore every evening looking for food, presumably. But this creature is a sea creature, why would it only take food from land, including other sea creatures? It bleeds black blood and when it’s in pursuit near water, it hops back in the water to gain speed then returns to land. At any rate, it’s actively hunting her.

Then one day, others wash (Emory Cohen, Hanna Mangen-Lawrence) onto the island and Jennifer seizes the opportunity to escape. It all goes wrong and she has these new arrivals to thank.

She’ll face this creature a few more times and before the last time, she leaves a note to whomever might come next.

I passed this movie by so many times because nothing about the name or cover inspired me to want to watch. I even watched the trailer (which I never watch first) and it was just meh. But I’m glad I did because there was an intriguing story and monster that I would not have seen. Plus a great girl vs monster fight! It does leave itself open for a prequel/sequel because all questions are not answered.

I get it, they wanted to keep the monster under wraps but they gave me nothing in the marketing. If they would have given me a clip of that chase seen, I would have watched it as soon as I saw that!

This has more jump scares than anything, it is not overly gory or graphic, no nudity, nothing sexual. There are only 4 people in this entire movie, including the creature. This is good for mild horror fan and a palate cleanser for the rest of us freaks! It was a good watch!