Macabre...ish Horror Review: TAG



TAG aka Riaru onigokko, 2015/ 85 min.


Mitsuko is the only girl who survives after everyone else on her school bus is bi-sected by an insane gust of wind that shears the bus in half. When she runs and the gust chases her and kills everyone she crosses paths with, bodies are just everywhere.




She’s dazed and frantic, changes from her bloody uniform to another one she finds in some bushes and goes to school but she doesn’t recognize anyone. 



And is now afraid of wind. She can’t remember if she’s ever been to this school before but people seem to know her. She thinks the former gruesome events were a dream. These friends that she’s not sure she knows, reassure her it must have been a dream and decide to skip and go to the woods to cheer her up.





There the girls wonder if there are different realities and other versions of themselves. If destiny is predetermined. Maybe fate can be tricked and maybe if be doing the opposite of what our normal habits are, it can be changed.


Upon returning to school, their teacher suddenly pulls out a machine gun and mows everyone down but Mitsuko.



She hides with her new friends but they are lost to another teacher that kills her homeroom class.




As she flees the grounds, that deadly gust of wind returns and as she runs, reality becomes increasingly surreal as she goes.




Matsuko’s name is now Keiko and she is being forced to marry a man with a boar’s head, the guests are kids from her school. And one is a friend, Aki and Aki appears to be helping Matsuko through this nightmare.


This movie is the remake of a 2008 movie called Riaru onigokko based on Real Onigokko, a 2001 Japanese horror novel by Yusuke Yamada. It’s like if Alice in Wonder Land, Langoliers and Final Destination was one movie but more violent and gory. Carnage, mayhem and gore, there’s plenty of if here! The effects, CGI is over the top and good! Good movie, I enjoyed it!


This is a Japanese movie with English subtitles. Also suicide alert.