Macabre...ish Horror Review: Tales From The Crypt, 1972


Tales From The Crypt, 1972/ 1 hr 32 min.



This is the original series the Tales From The Crypt that we all know and love is based on. But with Joan Collins and Peter Cushing in all of their 70s glory and terrible ‘dying’ and effects.



A group tours the Catacombs and upon entering a chamber of the crypt, a man inside, the Cryptkeeper, shows each of them the story of their deaths.



This is a collection of vignettes of what each person is shown. It’s a great concept. And it’s a different experience, entirely, than the one from the 90s. Many of the vignettes are recognizable because they were remade and are in the 90s version.



It was very cool to watch something that was familiar but different. It was somewhat bloody and graphic and the physical effects are those of the 70s, so blood is likely a bucket of red paint. It was a fun mix of sometimes brutal, sometimes hilariously ridiculous, sometimes scary, sometimes creepy it wasn’t just one thing. It was fun!!