Macabre...ish Horror Review: Tales From The Crypt



Tales From The Crypt, 1989/ 87 min. A horror series, this one has 3 episodes. 


Only Sin Deep:



Sylvia (Lea Thompson) pawns her beauty to get the life she’s always dreamed of. It nets her enough cash to afford the look and trappings of a wealthy socialite and in doing so, the man of her dreams.



She forgets all about the pawn shop and as her time runs down to repay her pawn, she begins rapidly aging.



She desperately trying to be her beauty from the shop owner but it’s too late. She’s ruined the life she sought in trying to recover the beauty she sold. And wait until you find out what the shop owner wanted her beauty for.





Lover Come Hack To Me: Charles (Stephen Shellen) married Peggy (Amanda Plummer) for her money but Peggy is ok with that, she only needs her husband for one night,



just long enough for him to impregnate her on their wedding night. Which is the tradition in her family




but Charles doesn’t find out about this deadly tradition until it’s to late.









Collection Completed: Jonas retires and is bored. Bored with his life, his wife and her beloved pets.



So he gets a hobby, taxidermy! And soon fills his shop with taxidermy animals. Anita is surprised with is newly acquired love of animals. But when she discovers Jonas has been killing her pets and stuffing them,



he becomes the newest addition to his own taxidermy collection.




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