Macabre...ish Horror Review: Tales From The Hood 3



Tales From The Hood 3, 2020/ 102 min


William (Tony Todd) is running from something, it is evil and invisible, traveling with him is, Brooklyn, (Sage Arrindell) a 6 year old girl. Who distracts him by telling stories. Four different tales with different morals to the story. Such as:

A hate filled, lonely man finds out way too late that he was his only problem and the only one that would or could hurt him, was himself. And he was just a spectacle to those he hated.

An aging former opera singer, Ms. Benoit, is obsessed with her one stage performance and the story of her big break. She is hosting an up and coming recording artist, Taylor. And Taylor, with her producer boyfriend, is considering killing Ms. Benoit for her money. But there is something about Ms. Benoit and frankly there’s something about that boyfriend too.

A guy is jumped in an alley and his sneakers stolen. But the thief is not ready for his new existence as the owner of those shoes. This is next level walking in another man’s shoes.

And when all the tales are told, William gets the surprise of his life and will face his demons. Every single one of them.

This anthology was so good! The stories were interesting and intriguing with some good twists. There is some blood and gore and good effects! Plus a good cast that includes Lynn Whitfield. Well done!