Macabre…ish Horror Review: Tales of Halloween




Tales of Halloween, 2015/ 97 min



A kid binge eating his Halloween candy is stopped by tale about a boy, Timmy, who did the same after years of his parents not letting him eat his candy. Timmy not only eats what’s left of his candy but the candy already consumed by his parents. Timmy turned into an insatiable monster known as Sweet Tooth. After the kid is throughly terrified, he goes to bed but leaves a candy bar offering for Sweet Tooth, just in case he’s real.


Another, tale is of trick or treaters who show up and they all choose trick instead of treat and go on a violent killing spree. Every adult caught outside or who opens their front door, is a potential victim. But these adults have a secret and it stops them from calling for help.


A jack o’lantern comes to life and immediately starts eating people, started with the man carving it. The more it eats, the bigger it gets. It terrorizes the town, eating the towns people. The police discover where it originates and that it is not the only one.


Bullies terrorizing kids are interrupted by another and at midnight lures them to the spot where they kill his family, years ago. But this time, the bullies will finally get a taste of their own medicine.


A monster is desperate for offspring and takes out her rage and disappointment on her male captive. And she makes a fatal mistake when she punishes him for his sabotage.


And more!



This is a fun anthology! All tales take place with Halloween as the backdrop. They are paced pretty well and range from somewhat realistic, though terrifying, to partly animated! Expect most of the tales to be gory and graphic. Enjoy!