Macabre...ish Horror Review: Talon Falls


Talon Falls, 2017/ 1 hr 14 min

Two couples on a road trip stop for fuel at the scariest gas station ever, with a strange proprietor who points them toward a haunted house, located in Talon Falls. They head that way, even though, one opposes.

The group get in and it gets progressively more eerie as they go. And something about the interactive booths seem a little too real. The decor goes from silly to horrifying and the attractions become much more disturbing. The screams, a little too real.

But the couples split up anyway, in one of the grubby little back rooms are piles of vhs tapes with footage of the haunted house and seemingly real violence inflicted on the guests. Then it’s their turn.

One couple wake up in cages, in what looks like a kennel. There are cameras, an alarm and a guard dog. When the alarm sounds and the light over the individual cage blinks, you’re up. And one by one, the people in those cages become a part of the attraction.

This very much has a Hostel feel to it. It’s bloody and graphic. It is, at times, a brutal watch. The effects are good but the acting is sometimes weak, but this was generally a good flick. I enjoyed it!