Macabre…ish Horror Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2022/ 83 min



Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré) became a Texas Ranger after what happened to her and searched for Leatherface for over 30 years. She’s been waiting 50 years to face him again.


But until then…


A new group of people are in town, headed to Harlow. And on so far the welcome has not been warm. Harlow is a ghost town but they have a plan to revitalize it with the help of some out of town investors. And the man that’s been hired to do some work, Richter (Moe Dunford) is the first person they have a problem with.


And though it is a ghost town that’s been reclaimed by the bank, some locals still subsist. They found the old orphanage still occupied by the woman who’s always run it, Ms Mc (Alice Krige) and her adult son (Mark Burnham). She claims to still have a deed on the place and fixed it with the bank and she is very ill. On her way to the hospital she passes away. And the reaction of her son, who is accompanying her, is quick and violent. His mother dies, everyone dies.


Soon the investors arrive at the little town and the deal is done. Dante (Jacob Lattimore) is ready to celebrate. But Mel (Sarah Yarkin) gets a text from Ruth (Nell Hudson) that the lady died and now Mel is over this place. She just wants to grab Lila (Elsie Fisher), her sister and leave this place. But once it gets around that the lady died, now they have a problem because Richter takes everyone’s keys, no one’s leaving.


While searching the orphanage for the deed, Ms. Mc’s son returns home, wearing a cop’s face. Leatherface get’s Dante first. And everyone else is in grave danger but they do not know it until they see Dante walking down the street with a huge gash hacked into his head.


But Hardesty is following Leatherface’s back trail from the police wagon crime scene, the store clerk called her when he heard Ruth calling for help on the cb.


This film is as brutal as expected. Extremely graphic, gory and bloody. It is set in current times but the cinematography, which is great (editing too!) helps bring it together. The casting of Sally Hardesty was excellent! This is a lay down and die kind of flick but those who fight, fight their asses off.