Macabre...ish Horror Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2013


Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2013/ 92 min. 

This is meant to be a sequel following the events of the original 1974 Tobe Hooper film. The townspeople of Newt, Tx burn down the house of Sawyer Clan in an act of vigilante justice, killing the entire family, and the arsonists were hailed as heroes. But a mother and infant are survivors and are discovered by one of the townspeople, Gavin Miller, who promptly kills the mother, Loretta, and keeps the infant, Edith Rose Sawyer, and raises her as his own. 



Decades later, Heather discovers she’s adopted when she receives a letter, informing her, that her grandmother, Verna Carson, has passed away and that she has an inheritance. Heather decides to take a road trip to Newt, with her friends, to claim her inheritance. On the way the pick up a hitchhiker, Darryl. Upon arriving, she gets another letter that she fails to read and takes possession of an amazing house, she and her friends go in to town, leaving Darryl behind, who quickly collects the house’s valuables, while doing so, he enters Leatherface’s domain and it killed in the basement.



Later, the friends return to a ransacked house and Darryl missing. While making dinner, Kenny is hung from a hook by Leatherface, while looking for the cellar. Heather discovers Darryl’s body and escapes Leatherface. Her friends then distract him while she gets the van and picks them up, then is thwarted when he cuts the tire with a chainsaw, causing Ryan’s death, in the impact. He then chases Heather to a nearby faire and escapes with the police. While there, she goes through files about the Sawyers and empathizes with them when she realizes her adopted parents and law enforcement helped kill her family and kidnapped her. Meanwhile, officers search the Carson Estate, Nikki is found alive in the freezer, but the officer is spooked and accidentally shoots her in the head. He is quickly killed by Leatherface and his face is removed and used as a mask. 



The Deputy is infuriated by the officers murders, he vows to kill the last Sawyers, he kidnaps Heather and takes her to the slaughter house. Leatherface overhears her location on the radio and heads there. While attacking her, he sees her Sawyer birthmark and stops and is quickly attacked by the deputy. Heather slides Leatherface his saw after he’s attacked. Once he’s dead, they return to the estate and she finally reads that letter. It informs her of her true identity and that Leatherface will protect her and in return she should take care of him.


After the credits... Heather’s greedy adoptive parents arrive and as they wait at the door, they’re greeted by Leatherface and his chainsaw.


I enjoyed this movie! It’s got the gore that we expect of this franchise plus it is a good continuation of the original story. I really enjoyed this concept and story. Nicely done.


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