Macabre...ish Horror Review: Thankskilling




Thankskilling, 2008/ 70 min.


When your first visual of the movie is a close up of a nipple, you know what you’re in for. The nipple was attached to a half naked woman being chased by a killer turkey. Apparently in a settlement called Crawl Berg, a Native American named FeatherCloud, cursed all white people and ‘necromanced’ a turkey because he was dishonored by a Pilgrim. The turkey is resurrected every 505 years, killing the first humans it comes in contact with.


Fast forward 505 years and the killer, talking turkey is resurrected by a dog urinating on it’s grave. He then kills the dog, then mocks the dog’s owner.


We then follow teens that pile in a jeep and break down in Crawberg, on the way to Kristen’s house. So they settle around a campfire and talk about the the old town lore.


Then next day the kids take off and the turkey hitches a ride and when the driver announces...gas, grass or ass...the turkey chooses ass! Then, the turkey, after announcing he’s saving himself, shoots the driver in the head and steals his car.


The movie is crazy. Amongst this craziness the kids have to figure out how to stop the turkey, which means ending the curse.


This definitely for people who enjoy bad spoof horror flicks. This full of adult scenes, innuendo and ridiculous. There are lots of different kinds of kills in this one and all by an offensive, cigar smoking, shit talking turkey. The cinematography, effects, acting, script...none of it’s good but it was made with a $3500 budget. Frankly, as the movie went along I was fascinated by how crude and weird this was. It definitely had a Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead tone to it. This is a one watch for me.