Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Autopsy of Jane Doe


The Autopsy of Jane Doe, 2016/ 86 min.


The movie opens with a bloody crime scene being processed and the corpse of an unidentified woman is found, half buried, in the basement, with no external sign of trauma.



An autopsy is ordered and though there are no external injuries, both wrists and ankles were shattered, one of her molars are missing and her tongue was cut out, her lungs are blackened, as if burned. Her internal organs are cut up and scarred.  Her stomach is full of jimsonweed and she seems to have just died but her eyes suggest she’s been dead for days.



By now, other weird things are happening, Austin keeps seeing people in the hallway, who aren’t there, the radio channels change on their own and they find Jane Doe’s tooth and other strange things, like symbols written on the inside of her skin. And the movie just gets creepier from there. The father/son coroner duo are  having visual and audio hallucinations and the autopsy becomes increasingly insane, along with the activity in the building.



Corpses vanish from the morgue, the medical examiners cannot get out of the building. Mishaps begin happening that make no sense but by the time they decide to leave, it’s way to late. And even when the truth is realized, it can’t be stopped. And when police arrive, they are confused by what they see and the cycle begins again.


The score keeps you on edge, it’s excellent! Coupled with the cinematography and effects, it’s very well done. The movie is bloody, graphic and there’s nudity. Brian Cox, from King Lear and Manhunter, plays a medical examiner, Dad. Emile Hirsch (son) from Into The Wild, as well. Well casted those there’s only about 12 people in this movie. And most of it takes place in the morgue. Creepy flick, lots of jump scares and nerve wracking. I enjoyed it!


P.S. If you’re a cat lover, the morgue cat has a few rough scenes.


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