Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Babysitter




The Babysitter, 2017/ 85 min


Twelve year old Cole is being babysat by Bee. It starts out awesome because she stands up to his bully and they hang out. She’s cool, fun and genuinely interested in him as a person. Cole gets himself a little crush! After bed time, spies on Bee to see what she’s up too. She’s invited a bunch of friends over and they’re playing a game. It’s a spin the bottle/truth or dare amalgam.


It’s pretty awesome! Until it’s not. Bee is dared to kiss everyone. After the last kiss, she pulls 2 daggers from behind her back and stabs the guy in the head. They pull out chalices to catch the flow, while the poor guy pleads for his life.


Cole runs for the phone to call police and then fakes sleep. And then they come upstairs and take a sample of his blood and he passes out after trying to escape.


These kids aren’t just friends, they’re a cult. And this is some kind of ritual.


The police finally show and it is a crazy over the top bloodbath. And it is partly delivered as a comedy. These people have a unique reaction to all these bodies stacking up, part annoyance, part indifference and good humor. Cole gets loose, runs an hides, first under the house with a gauntlet of traps, rats and tarantulas. As the cult chases him, one wild death after another ensues.


Cole is relentlessly hunted to the bitter end. Which by the way, the end, is ridiculously amazing. This movie gets top marks for style.


This is over the top graphic, bloody and gory. Dark comedy. Good soundtrack.