Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Banana Splits Movie


I swore this was a kid’s movie. To be fair, I happened to catch it on SYFY and I was only half watching it until I saw a giant plushy dog jamming a large lollipop down a man’s neck. Then I started paying attention...



The Banana Splits Movie, 2019/ 1 hr 26 min.


Harvey finally gets to see his favorite show, The Banana Splits, live. A child’s show with giant animatronic characters.



During the show, the producer finds out they’re being cancelled. And we find out the toxic chaos behind the scenes. After the show, the audience is taken on a studio tour.


Meanwhile, a maniac, dressed in a giant dog costume, wanders the set, killing in heinous and over the top fashion, using whatever’s on hand, mostly props. And the bodies start stacking up quickly!


(This is half a human with his entrails hanging out)


The kids though are pretty kickass, I must say and seem more capable than the adults. But they also aren’t the main targets. Some surviving adults go insane and join in the mayhem. There are giant puppet on human violent, giant puppet on puppet violence and some kid on puppet violence.


The deaths are all gruesome and graphic. The practical effects are a lot better than the cg, though both are over the top.



If you like schlock and gore, you may like this. The feel is very CW or early Chiller channel fare.


This one will likely be a two watch for me.


 Are you intrigued?! Click here. Enjoy!!


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