Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Blob


The Blob is a movie about a seemingly otherworldly, living organism that consumes all warm blooded beings in its path. The story begins with a meteorite landing in a field and found by a man, who upon poking it with a stick for a closer examination, quickly regrets that decision as goo from the meteorite slides onto his hand. He’s helped to the nearest hospital for help and the mass is noticeably larger and impossible to remove. Soon, as he lays in his hospital bed he’s almost entirely consumed and the now massive blob lurks around the hospital to consume other guests.

As the movie goes on, the blob has grown to massive proportions and travels through the town consuming locals in one horrific fashion after another. There’s nowhere to run or hide, this thing snatched people down drains and enters through cracks of closed doors. The government comes in to contain this disaster and we learn the truth of the origins of this blob. And it’s a race to destroy it before it gets out of town.

This is the 80s version and it is graphic and gory, the kills are interesting to say the least. I love this movie, very imaginative. From wacky to crazy, gruesome deaths, always a horror crowd pleaser.


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