Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Boat



The Boat, 2018/ 100 min



A man finds an abandoned sailboat in a suspicious cloud of fog. He makes his presence known then he ties his boat to the sail boat and climbs aboard. He searches the vessel but finds no one. So he looks for the radio and reports an abandoned vessel.


When he goes returns to the upper deck of the sail boat, his boat, is gone. And very soon thereafter, the fog is gone too and so is land. He appears to be in open ocean. All that’s left to do is see if he can sail his way back home, where ever that is.


But then he somehow ends up locked in the head (bathroom) while at the same time he’s on a collision course with a massive cargo ship. Everything he tries to escape, fails, the only other potential route he has is a tiny port hole, not even big enough for his head to fit through. And then he gets a brilliant idea to stop the ship’s course but it nearly kills him. And just when he thinks it’s over, the boat starts taking on water.


Soon the head (bathroom) is beginning to fill with water. And he starts to believe someone else is on board with him and playing games. And maybe he’s right. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, the boat sails right into a storm. This man might drown in a bathroom of a boat, adrift at sea. If he doesn’t break every bone in his body first. And then the door unlocks…


He’s free! Now he needs to get off this godforsaken boat and he starts to build a raft of sorts and takes off but the sailboat, follows. And now it’s dangerous to not be on the boat and so he re-boards and it starts to sail back toward home but something’s different.


This is a Maltese thriller directed by Winston Azzopardi and written by Joe Azzopardi and only has one person in it, Joe Azzopardi. That being said, this was kind of a thrilling movie. It is not gory or bloody but is still brutal to watch at times. And infuriating to watch at other times and by the end, it seems kind of brilliant. I really enjoyed this!