Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Breed


The Breed, 2006/ 89 min.


If Cujo didn’t make you afraid of dogs, maybe Wes Craven can give it a go!


An uninhabited island by the now deceased uncle of 2 brothers is seemingly the perfect place for some college friends to have a vacation. It’s beautiful, scenic and isolated.



Except the island may not be populated by humans but something lives there, something dangerous. The only refuge is a cabin and out building and the only escape is the way they came. The only help is the help you brought with you.



And it begins with the cutest puppy ever, they were finessed, cased and lured out into danger and the humans weren’t ready. There is one mishap after another



And as an added bonus, these are not just regular dogs. They’re planning, plotting and mobilizing.


It’s kind of awesome and strange to see Michelle Rodriguez in this and not kicking ass whether fighting zombies or being all fast and furious as well Taryn Manning, I’m used to seeing her in zombie movies! And Hill Harper, who I always enjoy watching and always forget his name

This is a fun watch! The kills are kind a little gruesome but expected and there aren’t tok many. Good practical effects. Some jump scares. Good pacing and decent story. This is a good one for people who want a milder horror. 




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