Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Burning


The Burning, 1981/ 91 min


Campers play a prank on the despised camp caretaker, Cropsy, and it goes worse than expected. Sneaking into his quarters and leaving a worm infested, candle lit skull next to his bed, they wake him and he knocks it on his bed, setting it and himself on fire, while the campers look on. The fire burns the entire camp to the ground.


He wakes up in the burn unit at St. Catherine's a week later, his entire body scorched. During his recovery, he is asked not to blame the kids for what happened. After 5 years, he's released, deformed and kills the first person he interacts with. Still enraged by what happened to him, he heads to the nearest camp, Camp Stonewater, it's not Camp Blackfoot but it will do.


Armed with a brand new pair of gardening shears. Cropsy, at this point, has become a new campfire summer camp legend and after a telling, he kills his first victim. The campers are stranded in the woods when all their canoes go missing and soon so do the campers


Expect this movie to be bloody and graphic plus nudity and adult scenes.  And the male campers spend the entire time begging for and pressing the female campers for sex. It's kind of awkward. Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens and Holly Hunter are in this campy horror flick. It starts out strong and violent but then you'll have to wait for about half way through for any more action. It has that typical 80s slasher camp feel and once it gets going, it's pretty good.