Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Burrowers


Burrowers, 2008/ 96 min


It’s 1879 and pioneer settlers are disappearing. They are being dragged from their homes by what is assumed to be Native Americans. A posse is formed to track down the kidnappers and bring the settlers back. The party includes an Irish immigrant who lost his Sweetheart to one of these kidnappings. A teen desperate to prove his worth and a former slave seeking his fortune.


They not only have to find the missing people but do it in a harsh environment and through hostile tribal territory. They capture and torture a Native American and gets one clue, Burrowers. As they search, they discover the truth, another Native, a woman, speak of creatures known as Burrowers. They used to hunt buffalo but since they were depleted, the Burrowers now subsist on the humans that replaced the buffalo. Horses too for that matter.


But that’s not all, they do not eat right away, they save their meal until it’s good and tender, after it’s buried in the ground, alive. And alive they will be when the Burrowers return to feed. The remaining tribe members that know the secret of how to kill these creatures are almost entirely wiped out by the calvary.


The posse will help capture and kill these monsters when 2 from the Utes arrive but not in the way they think. The realization of their missteps comes too late and it will be the reason they succeed and fail. You see, they can’t do one without the other.


Also the Burrowers are not the only monsters in this flick.


Clancy Brown, William Mapother, Doug Hutchison are in this horror western. There are some jump scares but what really makes this movie scary is the terrifying concept and the lack of humanity. Good movie but it becomes gorier and harder to watch as it goes.