Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Cannibal Club




The Cannibal Club, 2018/ 1 hr 21 min

A wealthy couple, Otavio (Tavinho Texeira) and Gilda (Ana Luiza Rios) are Brazilian elite. They live in a seaside mansion and employ their employees from the poorest surrounding areas. Sometimes they eat them and everyone knows it. But that’s not all, they have some dangerous kinks. But they aren’t the only ones, it would seem that a good many of the elites have their open secrets.

Their social gatherings of a certain group are usually very alternative and combines sex, murder and dining. They watch the display, kill the participants and feast on their remains. Expertly prepared and always a formal event.

To them, the poor are little more than cattle, for burden, entertainment and food. Oh and Otavio and Gilda choose their employees from an agency who makes sure they have a clean bill of health and prefer live in employment. Pictures included, just like online shopping.

One night at a party, Gilda saw something considered more taboo and it may cost them their lives. Just like another member. People will do anything to keep their secrets.

The audio of this film is Portuguese. And let me warn you now, there’s a lot of graphic sex (all kinds), nudity and graphic kills, often times during sex, in this film. The physical effects, cinematography and pacing is all well done. This described as horror comedy but I missed the comedy. And I have to say I was surprised by the ending.