Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Children

The Children, 2008/ 1 hr 25 min



After Christmas two families vacation at an English manor and almost immediately the children start getting sick. First, it was just light coughing and acting a little distant. Then altogether not acting like themselves at all. But they are at least playing again, so it seems.


At first, the go outside to ride the sled and play in a tent that’s been set up but when one if the adults goes missing, he’s found inside the tent with a toy stuffed in his abdomen and children gleefully surrounding him and playing as if nothing is wrong.


When the other adults search for their kids, they are lured away from the house and the kids create opportunities to hurt and kill their own parents. Often using their parents love for them and denial, against them.


But not all kids are ill and changed into blood thirsty little monsters, the teenagers seem to be ok.


When a dad starts to loose his grip, he takes his daughter and gets in the car and leaves, he doesn’t make it very far.


The parents have a choice fight back or allow themselves to be killed by their own children.


This is directed by Tom Shankland and can probably be considered a New Years horror. This movie is very graphic and gory. The fact that the monsters a cute little kids make this flick all the more disturbing.