Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Cleansing Hour


The Cleansing Hour, 2020

An exorcism is broadcast live on a webcast the entire production is highly choreographed and impressive but it’s not pulling in the numbers for ‘Father Max’.

Max was once a priest and had no greater desire than to be an exorcist and fight evil but it wasn’t to be so he quit and found another way. Then he has a real experience while sleeping with a groupie.

Meanwhile actual entities are popping up in town and even two of the crew become possessed for real. While another catches fire. But good news, the show is finally getting the views he wants.

But no theatrics will do, they need to find out the demon’s name and then the corresponding rites. Until then, Max has to play the it’s games but he only has 49 minutes before the demon kills the host, Lane. It seems the only way to stop it is to confess the one thing he’s been running from his entire life...maybe.

Unfortunately, they find out too late what the demon’s actual plan was.

The story is entertaining and the effects are pretty good. It’s somewhat gory and graphic and is well paced. Good movie. Well done!