Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Clinic


The Clinic, 2008/ 93 min. A pregnant couple on an ill fated road trip find themselves fighting for their lives, first a crazy person tries and succeeds in running them off the road and when they regroup and stop for the night at a desolate motel, Beth (Tabrett Bethel) is kidnapped from their room and wakes up in a bathtub full of ice. And her baby’s gone!



Her fiancé, Cameron (Andy Whitfield), calls the police when he finds her missing, the interview does not go well, the officer is no help and Cameron is beaten unconscious in the confrontation. Meanwhile, Beth is searching this make shift ‘clinic’/abandoned industrial building that has bathtubs in every room, searching for help and her baby. She discover’s she’s in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by a tall fence. Oh and, there are other women there, just like her, missing their infants, walking around with bleeding C section wounds.



Together they look for others and try to figure out what’s going on. In searching this place they discover they’re not the first, this has happened too, they also discover that one of them is going around attacking the others, cutting open their wounds.



They discover that their infants were replaced with colored, numbered tags and this whole thing is a twisted game. And this game is the brainchild of a disturbing adoption agency that caters to the wealthy. And this game will cost most of them and their babies, their lives. Until, in the end only one’s left and the people responsible pay for these atrocities.


There’s nudity, violence and it’s somewhat bloody. Good movie and good concept. I really enjoyed this movie! It’s a tough watch but very good, so many twists and with a satisfying ending.



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