Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Collection



The Collection, 2012/ 82 min. Teens go to an exclusive party and when Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) goes off into another room after seeing her boyfriend there with someone else. In that room she finds a red trunk with severely injured, Arkin (Josh Stewart), inside. He grabs her and they dodge a metal spear than simultaneously triggers a series of traps that kills everyone on the dance floor. Arkin escapes by leaping out the window, The Collector (Randall Archer) abducts Elena. 



Later Arkin is I’m arrested in the hospital and under surveillance, he is approached by the employee of a wealthy businessman, Elena’s father. Who’s put together a team of mercenaries to recover his daughter and he wants Arkin to lead them to The Collector’s lair. Which happens to be in an abandoned hotel. Meanwhile, Elena witnesses a man being tortured, while in her own trunk. She gets out of her trunk to discover others with dead people inside. 



Arkin leads the team to the hideout and renege on the deal and force him inside. An alarm alerts The Collector to their arrival. Upon entering, the team is attacked by drugged captives and are forced to shoot them.


The Collector kills one of the Team and Arkin escapes, Lucello (Lee Tergesen), The team separates into smaller groups and during their search, they discover living people in different



stages of experimentation and body parts reconfigured to resemble insects, on display. Along the way, team members are captured or killed. 



They encounter different ‘pets’ who turn out to be just different kinds of traps and room after room of more depraved traps and expedients and more team members are lost.



Elena is rescued and recaptured more than once. They find an exit but it’s jammed and a team member sacrifices himself and Arkin overtakes The Collector, beating him and setting him and his place on fire. Firefighters following Elena’s screams, open the door, allowing her and Arkin to escape. Finding The Collector’s smoking mask and no corpse, Arkin decides to find him. And eventually he does.


Having researched every entomologist within a 200 mile radius, unmasked, Arkin confronts him. He knows why The Collector is why he is and taunts him. He is informed that he will be tortured and killed, so he’ll never hurt anyone again. When The Collector lunges to attack, Arkin forced him into the trunk and locks him inside.


This movie is bloody, gory, graphic and very effects heavy. Arkin is played by the same character as the last movie, which is nice. If you were looking for overkill and torture porn then this is it. They pull out all the stops here and it’s still as bleak and hopeless as the first, so expect another hard watch. This movie is also a continuation of the first movie and it’s got a really satisfying end. 


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