Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Collector



The Collector, 2009/ 90 min. 

A couple arrive home to a power outage. Upstairs they discover a large trunk, with horrific contents and suddenly they’re attacked.




Arkin O’Brien (Josh Stewart) is formerly a handyman and prior convict. His wife has a debt owing, by midnight, to loan sharks and in order to save her and their child, he’s planning a heist. His current clients, The Chases, are well off and has a valuable ruby in a safe and Arkin is going to get it tonight. While in the house and attempting to crack the safe, a masked man comes in and locks the door. And suddenly, the father, Michael Chase (Michael Reilly Burke), who appears injured, attempts to attack Arkin with a golf club. Assuming he’s the culprit. But the club triggers a trap and Michael is incapacitated and dragged to the basement by the masked intruder.



Arkin tried dialing 911 but that triggers another trap and there’s no escape, the windows have all been boarded up and lined with razors. He then goes to the basement and finds Michael who tells him that his wife is also in the house but their daughter is out. He finds the wife,



Victoria (Andrea Roth) and gets her to distract the intruder so he can find the gun. He gets the gun, the ruby and finds Larry (William Prael), who is in the box explains what’s happening.



Arkin is horrified and unsuccessfully tries to escape. Finds Michael dead and Victoria tortured, he frees her but she’s killed by The Collector (Juan Fernández de Alarcon). 



The oldest daughter, Jill (Madeline Zima) and boyfriend arrived to be killed horrifically, she’ll impaled by a spring trap, fitted with nails 



And the boyfriend is stabbed and falls into a room, covered in bear traps. 



And as Arkin attempts to leave again, this time he makes it outside, then he spots the youngest daughter, Hannah (Karley Scott Collins) still in the house.



He can’t leave her. He re-enters the house of horrors once again to try to rescue her. It is a harrowing attempt with more brutal traps in every room. He’s even turned Victoria’s body into a trap that’ll eventually destroy the house. Arkin and Jill finally escape after getting the Collector tripped up in his own trap. 

This is a harrowing movie, all the way through to the end. The traps are brutal. The torture is brutal and excruciating to watch. It’s graphic, gruesome and hopeless. The effects are so good! It was all very real. 


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