Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Crazies




The Crazies, 2010/ 101 min. Something strange is happening in Ogden Marsh. The citizens are going insane, arming themselves and attacking people. And attacking them with the intent to kill.



No one knows why this is happening or what the cause might be. But Sheriff Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) is dealing with more and more calls about people acting weird and it comes to a head when he has to shoot someone who arrived at a baseball game with a shotgun.


Soon there after, a neighbor burns his house to the ground with his family inside.



The Sheriff’s pregnant wife, Judy (Radha Mitchell) is the town doctor and she has an increase in patience, all with the same symptom’s of spaciness, drunk like behavior and fever. Meanwhile, some townies have a dead pilot in a local lake, and later the sheriff and his deputy, Russell (Joe Anderson) find a plane. And it’s submerged in an area that supplies the town’s water and suddenly, it comes together. Whatever’s happening in town is originating from the water.



Then one day, black vehicles show up in town with men taking photos. And on the same night, military floods into town



and the townspeople are bussed into a camp. Whatever this is, the government is now trying to contain.



All those thought to be infected are quarantined and later shot and exterminated by fire. But it doesn’t work, it’s already too late. 


Good movie, I put this in the zombie category. Not as gory and bloody but still graphic and good. It’s casted well and is a remake of the 1973 version of The Crazies.



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