Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Crazies 1973




The Crazies, 1973/ 103 min. George Romero’s original to the 2010 remake. In Evans City, PA and begins with the Mitchell kids goofing around at bed time and then being startled by a man destroying their house, when one of the kids goes to wake her mother, she’s found dead in her bed. The crazed man then lights fire to the house and burns it to the ground. The kids sustain burns but later die.




There’s 2 stories happening in this town at once. The military already has the town quarantined and trying to contain the disaster. The other is the townspeople succumbing and suffering the impact of a military plane crashing and contaminating the water supply with a biochemical weapon called Trixie. The infection causes people to kill indiscriminately and without reason or show any empathy about what they’ve done. The military orders their men to shoot any infected on site. Meanwhile the townspeople are trying to survive both the virus and the military.



People begin to realize how bad it is and attempt to escape the quarantine but an attempted escapees are shot and killed. A nuclear bomber is engaged just in case. All communication, in and out of town has been cut off. The towns people fight with the soldiers and the infected and the military is battling with the infected and uninfected to keep town contained. The desperation of each group is palpable. 



The outcome is lots of unnecessary violence and deaths. The dead infected are relieved of their valuables and burned. 



Dr. Watts, possibly finds a cure for the virus in the end but is put in quarantine, leaving us to wonder if it was a cure. When he’s pushed down stairs, his beakers are smashed and he dies from a head wound.


And in the end it begins again when the Colonel is ordered to another newly infected town. 

This movie is bleak and dialogue heavy but the movie is pretty fast moving. I wouldn’t say it’s scary or gory but it’s somewhat bloody and there are lots of deaths. As well as suicides and attempted sexual assault (father/daughter). 






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