Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Damned Thing



The Damned Thing, 2006


A Masters of Horror Episode...


John Reddle arrives home and slaughters his family in a rage and he seems to not recognize them. But the youngest son, Kevin, escapes and after being chased by him, witnesses his dad being gutted and tossed around by some invisible force.



He’s traumatized but grows up to be the town sheriff of Cloverdale, Tx and has his own family. The anniversary of his family’s death is just around the corner. And as it get’s closer, things in town begin to get weird and not just the people, everything.


From electronics to what he sees in his reflection. It would seem, whatever force changed his Dad, is back again. There’s a terrible secret that’s being kept and the secret is loose and they will all pay.


Y’all know I love Masters of Horror and this one has Sean Patrick Flanery in it! It’s gross and gory, lots of recognizable faces in it. The effects are well done and the story is intriguing.


P.S. If you’re still a cable watcher, the commercial breaks may be infuriating and the tv editing may suck the life out of this.


Intrigued?! Watch it right now, here, on itunes. Enjoy! 




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