Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Dark and The Wicked



The Dark and The Wicked, 2020/ 95 min

As a family patriarch lay dying, the family converges but the mother is acting strangely, dangerously strange until finally she ends her own suffering. The family picks up where she left off, caring for Dad.

There’s talk that their mother was hearing things, whispering and talking to someone. Then odd things are happening around the house and they’re having terrifying experiences that no one would believe.

No one talks about anything in this family but they did find Mom’s diary, the last page is her begging someone to help her husband. Some being wants his spirit and there is nothing she can do. Her diary describes her suffering as she watched her husband struggling to live.

The siblings talk to a Priest to try to understand and it just makes things worse. And the longer the siblings stay and try to understand, the more of her diary they read, the worse it gets.

This film is mostly jump scares but what physical effects there are, are good, graphic and gory. It’s creepy, disturbing and bleak.


Trigger warning: suicide