Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Darkest Hour


The Darkest Hour, 2012. 89 min.




This is a short sci-fi thriller about 5 people who have banded together, in Moscow, when suddenly it’s under siege by aliens.





With the use of some kind of energetic weapon that is attracted to bioelectrical field and movement and if you’re drawn into its field, the result is total incineration of your body. You are reduced to ashes. 





Desperately survivors search for a way out of Moscow as well as a way back home. One there way, they discover, far more people have been impacted than they realized, the city is almost empty but they find a place to hide in the form of a quirky, generous man who has outfitted his house with a faraway cage that has rendered his house invisible almost imperceptible to the danger and the people inside invisible.





As long as the integrity of the cage isn’t compromised. He had also engineered a weapon that works like a stick in a spoked wheel in decommissioning this threat.


One their way out of town the dwindling group happen to discover the truth about the alien attack and it’s a more desperate situation than anyone can imagine. Now it’s not just about escaping Moscow and getting home but relaying the truth to those who can stop it.


The special effect is really good. No blood, no gore. No heinous jump scares. 


Audio options is French and English. English Subtitles. 


Wanna watch, it’s available here, on itunes. Enjoy!! 


If you kind of recognize our main character, Emile Hirsch, he also played Christopher McCandless in Into The Wild! A phenomenal and sad movie. 




The guy at the top is the real Christopher McCandless, the bottom is Emile Hirsch.








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