Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Dead 2: India



The Dead 2: India, 2013/ 98 min.


The infection arrives in India on a ship from Somalia, it docks in Mumbai and the carrier exists with the rest of the passengers. Collects his pay and disappears into the crowd.


A local woman, Ishani goes to a clinic and alerts her American boyfriend, Nicolas, a turbine engineer.



When he encounters zombies and gets word that American’s are being evacuated, he goes searching for Ishani.


On his way he rescues an orphan, Javed, who turns out to be a great guide and helps him find his way to Mumbai and Ishani.



Nicolas arrives in Mumbai and total chaos, it’s too late for Ishani’s parents but maybe they can survive and make it out.


This movie is a good continuation of the first, same director, same quality movie making, just a different location. But WAY more zombies, which is very ‘realistic’, given the location.


And these are still slow zombies. Well done. Also I love Javed!












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