Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Dead Don’t Die



The Dead Don’t Die, 2019/ 1 hr 43 min



On the way back to the station after a report of a missing chicken, Centerville cops, Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray) and Ronnie Peterson (Adam Driver), notice the sun is still up even though it’s after 8 pm, they also notice their watches and phones stop working.


As soon as night falls, two corpses animate and attack and kill two diner employees, who are found the next day by diner owner, Hank (Danny Glover). Later, some graves are found empty supporting the local suspicion of zombies.


There’s some talk in town that polar fracking has altered the Earth’s rotation and that’s why this is happening. And while Cliff rejects Ronnie’s suggestion of informing Miller and the rest of the town, of a zombie outbreak, they arm themselves and learn how to kill zombies.


Animals are going missing or acting strange and that evening, more zombies rise.


The mortician, a Scottish, Buddhist swordswoman, Zelda Winston (Tilda Swinton) notices movement in the remains in her funeral home and is immediately ready for battle. Once the town is overrun she demands to know what law enforcement’s plan is.


There is no plan. But before the end comes, a UFO will.



These zombies can talk and have vague memories and urges from when they were alive, like the urge for coffee. The CG was fantasy or vampire movie levels and seemed out of place. The zombie make up, effects and acting were all great! There were good moments in this, I think Tilda Swinton had the best ‘moments’. Having said all that, this movie is way to slow for me but it was great to see some of my favorite actors.


The cast is phenomenal but they didn’t make the movie better, zombie flicks just don’t need iconic actors to be good. Tilda Swinton’s character didn’t belong in this movie at all, this character would have fit right in, in Kill Bill, it definitely jumped the shark. This was a slow moving train to a bitter, strange end.



Also in the cast: Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Caleb Landry Jones, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Sara Driver, RZA, Carol Kane,

Selena Gomez and Tom Waits