Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Deadly Spawn



The Deadly Spawn, 1983/ 78 min


A meteorite falls to Earth and some teens camping follow the trail of fire to check it out. And they quickly find that they should have run away rather than toward it.


The creature that landed did not come in peace. After it’s violent introduction with teens, this creature takes refuge in an unsuspecting family’s basement.


This monster’s landing may not have been an accident because it has not just come to eat but also breed and after each feast follows horrible toothfilled tadpole like spawn, which are growing, rapidly. And they are everywhere.



Also there’s an awesome horror fan kid, that wears a cape, who figures it all out and fights like hell!


There is some nudity but mostly this movie is gory and graphic, spares us few details. And just when you think it can’t show more, it does!! And the physical effects do no disappoint, they just keep turning it up a notch.


If you are not a fan of gory practical effects. Skip this one.

I love this movie!






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