Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Den



The Den, 2013/ 1 hr 21 min




Elizabeth got a grant for a study. She will be logging into the site called The Den, 24/7 for a month, talking to any and everyone to test the community. As well as recording the experience.


She logs onto a the site and connects with a kid who says he wants to show her the monster in his closet. A guy riding his bike in New York, who subsequently gets hit by a car. A giant, blow up puppet penis and it’s ejaculation. Lots of pranks and plenty of creeps. And it doesn’t take long before disgusting troll behavior begins.


She is warned not to skip a user, Pyagirl*16, followed by abuse and when her friend does skip it, that specific user hacked her and opened the app and streamed some truly disturbing audio in the middle of the night. Later, the same person keeps contacting her. And every night, he logs into her computer.



Later, he admits to watching her and her boyfriend together and then sends a video of a girl being murdered. Pyagirl*16, is no girl. As a matter of fact, the girl killed looks just like her still on her profile. Then everything gets worse. When her boyfriend is attacked on a video call and she misses it entirely. Then ‘Pyagirl’ is using his account to interact with her.


He then goes in to lure in other family and friends from her address book. And corralling the rest and tanking her grant. This person is destroying her life and everyone and everything in it. And that’s not even the whole story or the worst of it.


When Elizabeth opens her eyes in a nightmarish bathroom, chained to the floor with a webcam stapled to her head, we know it’s about to get so much worse.



This is the same format as the Unfriended flicks. Adult scenes and lots of jump scares. The cinematography and effects are good. This movie is gripping and entertaining. It’s bloody, gory and graphic. Also, expect torture. This is scary for so many reasons.