Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Domestics

The Domestics, 2018/ 1 hr 35 min


The global ruling class decides it is time to reset humanity because of over population, with a catastrophe. Chemical warfare is launched on the American population and for those who died, it happened in seconds.


The surviving members of the population are grouped in categories of gangs, Sheets, Gamblers, Cherries, Plowboys, Nailers and Domestics. Then there are those who are just trying to live in peace try to hang onto some measure of normalcy. But they too can have their own gangs, if they want, a group of artists - Gang!


A divorcing couple, Mark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Nina (Kate Bosworth), are packing to leave to see her parents, who they haven’t heard on CB for in a while. On the way to Milwaukee they scavenge and stay in residences along the way, some still inhabited by the remains of the residences. Dead, not by gas but brutality, some still in their beds and their blood covering the walls.


While they drive and are being hunted by every crazy, violent gang in the area. Crazy Al (Allyn M. Schmitz) is spouting the local ‘news’ on the radio about the gangs, their territories and their happenings. All in upbeat old time DJ style.


While scavenging for supplies at the grocery store, they meet another pair, father and son, Nathan (Lance Riddick) and Steven (Kaden Washington Lewis), who just escaped some Nailers. They are invited to have dinner with the family as friends. It feels normal for once,  but that is ruined by the realization that the meat is human that this is not quite just a friendly visit and a Nailer followed them home.


After a narrow escape, Nathan calls the Plowboys for revenge after his wife, Theresa (Jacinta Blankenship) and daughter, Bella (Mikaela Armstrong) are killed. He offers up Nina in payment for retribution. After Mark and Nina escape, they drive into an ambush and Nina is shot.


Meanwhile, a woman, a deserter Cherry named Betsy (Sonoya Mizuno) kidnapped by the Plowboys, kidnaps the leader and frees all the other women he was trafficking.


Down the road, Mark finds Nathan and Steven tied up in a house they were considering spending the night in. A flamboyant and psychotic cinephile named William (David Dastmalchian) is responsible and he wants a show. He brings his giant enslaved man out named Bill (Jeff Chase) and offers Mark a choice, fight Bill to the death or meet his straight razor.


At the same time, Nina is enjoying beer and tunes in another house. And she’s being watched by Betsy who’s become a little obsessed since seeing her traveling with Stephen and Nathan.


After Mark succeeds by killing the flamboyant William and freeing everyone else, he returns to Nina. Before they leave, they are then captured by The Gamblers and forced into a game of russian roulette, their hands screwed to posts holding the revolvers, they are the main event of a rabid audience. If they make it six rounds they get to go home. But Nina has a plan and requests higher stakes, three bullets, instead of one.


A run of good luck and they escape but only just and not unscathed. Outside, they have some unexpected help. They finally make it to Nina’s parents neighborhood and find a lot the same but some of the neighbors, very different.


During this nightmare, Nina and Mark, rekindle some of what they lost in their marriage and facing the reality of what life is and what they have and the truth about Nina’s parents. If they than survive, maybe it’s not over.


This post apocalyptic thriller, directed by Mike P. Nelson, is a wild and violent ride. Something of an apocalyptic love story but heavy on the violence. It’s somewhat bloody and some of the shots are graphic, not too gory. The effects are good, there are heavy and bleak moments. I have to be honest, this movie is good but I was exhausted by the time it was over, it just keeps coming at you with almost no breaks. Very entertaining!