Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Editor



The Editor, 2014/ 95 min.

This is a Canadian horror comedy, a parody and homage of Giallo.



One handed director, Rey Cisco is working on the latest Giallo film Tarantola. Once upon a time, Rey, was a rising star but lost his fingers when he accidentally sliced them off in a film cutter and now uses a prosthetic hand. During his edit of this movie, the studio becomes the hunting ground of a murderer, who kills the leading actor of the Tarantola, and his girlfriend.


Upon finding the girlfriend’s body hanging in the studio, an actress in the film is struck blind, her eyes going opaque. Incidently, her husband is a police inspector and interviews the employees.


The movie’s co-star Cal is desperate for the lead after Claudio’s murder but his dream is quickly dashed when a replacement is brought in. Meanwhile, the Police Chief is putting on pressure to close the case and blame Rey because the victims’ fingers were sheared off in the same fashion as his own accident.


The new guy is then also murdered in the shower at the studio and Rey is told to re-edit the film so that Cal, the co-star, is now the star. Curiously, during Rey’s work, he encounters footage that he doesn’t recognize and appears to be the recordings of the studio murders. When it’s Rey’s turn to be interviewed, he is questioned explained his time in an asylum, as being the result of madness and overwork on the world’s longest film.



A lot of people die in this movie, the inspector accidentally kills his blind wife when the murderer causes him to kill her. The Inspector then cuts off her fingers to stage the crime. As this movie goes on it gets a little more convoluted as it goes on but it’s kept me entertained.



I don’t typically like parodies but I really liked this one. It’s was ridiculous in all the right places and creepy and gory in the right places.



I just never knew where they were going next and I wasn’t bored. If you’ve watch Giallo then you’ll get the parody. For a low budget indie film with a lot going on, this was really good!




Lots of Nudity, male and female, including full frontal and lots of adult scenes. Lots of slapping.



This movie was graphic and bloody and the effects were good. Some jump scares and the score does a great job of setting the tone and makes the kills and creepy moments more intense.



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